Standard Fife

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Ragdoll is a large and compact cat with a strong boned body, as a whole.

Big size.

HEAD: medium size, in the shape of a large "wedge"; there is a flat surface between the ears.

NOSE: must show a slight curve in the upper part.

CHEEKS: well developed that taper towards a long rounded and well developed muzzle.

Muzzle: medium length and well developed.

EARS: medium in shape and size, wide at the base, with rounded ends, positioned wide on the skull slightly inclined forward.

EYES: large and oval; the outer edge of the eye opening is at the same level as the base of the ears. Blue in color, as intense as possible in relation to the color of the body.

NECK: short and strong.

BODY: long, medium bone structure, muscular chest, large and well developed. More muscular and heavier in the hips. The mature cat has broad shoulders like hips.

LEGS: of medium length and bone structure. The hind legs are slightly higher than the front ones and give the back line the impression of a slight lifting. Large, round and compact legs, with tufts between the toes.

TAIL: long, medium wide at the base, which tapers slightly towards the tip and in proportion with the body. Well stocked and bushy.

COAT: medium length, dense, soft and silky texture, close to the body; opens when the cat moves. Longer around the neck, it frames the outer edge of the face giving the appearance of a bib. Short on the face, it increases in length from the top of the head to the shoulders down to the back. From medium to long on the sides, on the belly and on the sides. Of short or medium length on the front legs.

COLOR: for the recognized color varieties refer to the table below. Notes: females evidently smaller than males, presence of "jaws" in males, slow development.

DEFECTS: narrow head, nose with stop, Roman nose, large or small ears, pointed ears, almond-shaped eyes, neck too long or too thin, stocky body, narrow chest, short legs, crooked fingers, lack of tufts, short tail , tail with blunt tip, short coat (seasonal).

DISQUALIFICATION: eyes not blue.

SCALE OF POINTS: total 100
Head: general shape, nose, forehead, cheeks and muzzle, jaw and teeth, chin shape and eye size 20 Eyes: 20
Ears: shape and position 5
Eye color: 5
Legs: length of the legs, shape of the legs 5
Tail: shape and length 5
Coat: color and markings 25
Hair: quality and texture, length 10
Condition: 5

A) color of the tips: ears, mask, legs and tail well defined and in harmony with the color of the body.
B) tips: ears, mask and tail well defined, the mask must have an inverted V. The color of the body must be of a lighter shade than the tips, white spots on the back are allowed. Belly white and spotless. White legs are preferred.
C) tips (except the legs, the chin and the possible strip on the back of the nose) and body color as in the colourpoint, well defined and in harmony with the color of the body. The white stripe extends from the bib and runs on the lower part between the front legs and the base of the tail.
D) pink truffle and fingertips.

DEFECTS: mantle: each any white spot on the ears: white on the ears, white on the tail.