Ragdoll is a cat with an important and massive structure, especially the male who can weigh up to over 10 kg.

It has a thick and silky semi-long hair, longer on the body, around the neck on which it often forms a thick bubbler and on the long tail.

Rebellious tufts of hair flicker between the foot pads.

The large and blue eyes give it a sweet and childish appearance that is well aligned with the character of this wonderful breed.


It is difficult to describe Ragdoll, often we approach this breed for the elegance of its shapes, for the softness of its fur or for the color of its eyes, but its true prerogative, what will surprise you most, is the his character and his sweetness.

The name Ragdoll, in English means "rag doll", ideally reflects its character and its basic characteristic. When we take it it relaxes all its muscles and goes limp.

Ragdoll will never leave you alone, it will become a full-fledged member of the family, it will constantly seek contact and pampering from anyone who can offer it.



Its peaceful and aggression-free nature makes it the ideal cat for life in the apartment, perhaps in contact with children, the elderly and other animals, and it is thanks to these characteristics that it is also "used" in pet therapy (therapy with animals), often with surprising results.

In the apartment, he has a very balanced behavior, he is not the typical cat who will destroy your home, small precautions will be enough for a splendid coexistence, on the contrary life in outdoor environments finds him defenseless is vulnerable and it is therefore better to avoid it.

It coexists well with cats and animals of other species as long as they are not aggressive

as his submissive and non-belligerent character leads him to avoid quarrels


Often they ask us if he can live with a child…. the answer is YES, you could not make a better and educational gift to your child, certainly much better than a play station. Ragdoll never pulls its nails out, except for extreme defense or to cling in the event of a fall, but we can assure you that it will not scratch your baby. He will follow your child during the games and become his best and most reliable friend.

If we must find a fault of the Ragdoll, is that it can be addictive in humans, often happens to us to see families with home invaded by Ragdoll, "Maurice Ragdoll" in this regard is not responsible :)